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Active Membership


The mission of Communications Media Management Association is to provide media managers the tools to meet leadership challenges of the future.  Our membership qualifications keep CMMA focused on management professionals who share similar challenges leading communications media functions. Membership in CMMA is open to those individuals employed to manage their respective corporate and organizational communications media operations. CMMA members manage satellite business television networks, videoconferencing, multimedia, Websites and Webcasting, print, graphics, photography, audio and video productions, conferences and other corporate communications functions.

Member Application Process

  1. Complete the online membership application
  2. The Membership Director will review your application and may call you for additional information or clarification.  The application will then be reviewed by the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors.
  3. The CMMA Executive Director will notify you of the committee’s decision.
  4. If accepted, you will receive a username and password to access the Members-only area of the Web site. Here, you will be able to access the membership directory, blogs/forums, the CMMA constitution and bylaws, and other valuable information. Your username and password also give you access to e-mail other members about management and technology issues.


New Member Start-up Fee: $35
Annual Dues: $350
Multi-member rates (3 or more) Please contact the CMMA office for more details - 507-271-4307 or executive.director@cmma.org


Membership Application


Affiliate Membership
To become an Affiliate Member, you must be sponsored by an Active CMMA Member to whom you directly report. 


Affiliate Membership is open to individual contributors and management track employees who report directly to active CMMA members. CMMA members must recommend and submit the application for the candidate.

Affiliate members are not permitted to hold elected offices or vote on CMMA business. However, they may participate on advisory committees, task forces, and conference planning teams.

Here are a few things to consider

  • Affiliate status does not have a time limit, however, the sponsor will be asked to review the affiliate member’s status once every three years.
  • If the sponsoring member leaves CMMA, the affiliate must either apply for Active Membership status or obtain sponsorship from another Active Member to whom he/she reports.
  • Affiliate Members who are delinquent in payment of dues will be dropped from membership.


New Member Start-up Fee: $0
Annual Dues:  $250

Affiliate Application