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Benefits of Membership

The Communications Media Management Association is the only professional association with member benefits and services specifically designed by and for media managers. Membership exclusivity guarantees a sharp focus on the management and technical issues facing media managers in today’s rapidly changing media environment. CMMA provides on-going opportunities throughout the year for members to enrich their careers by sharpening leadership skills while networking with colleagues across the country.

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CMMA Conferences and Regional Meetings

CMMA holds one National Conference in the fall. Attending a conference is the best way to network and build relationships. Each conference blends critical leadership education, information sharing, networking, and social opportunities. Conferences are focused on leadership, management, and emerging technical issues relevant to media managers. Our two most popular conference events, Management Topic-Go-Round and Technical Topic-Go-Round, provide a forum to learn from the experts: CMMA members.

Meetings in each of the six (6) CMMA regions provide opportunities for members to gather with colleagues in their area, address local and regional issues, and learn about the services and facilities at members’ locations.

Website, E-lists, and Social Communities

As a community of like-minded media management professionals, CMMA members are a rich source of information. Whether the issue is managerial, technical, or a search for the right vendor, CMMA members can help. Using member e-lists and social community functions, CMMA members can send a question and get responses back from other CMMA members. Furthermore, members can access a password-protected area where they can view the membership directory and various members-only content.

Membership Directory

The CMMA Membership Directory includes contact information as well as specifics about each member’s department, service lines, staff, and leadership expertise. The ability to search the directory by different criteria facilitates networking and sharing of expertise.

Mentorship Program

The primary benefit of a professional association is the networking essential for professional development.  CMMA offers a Member Mentoring Program to introduce the benefits of active involvement to new members. The relationship is career-focused and takes place outside the line manager-employee relationship – offering new members an opportunity for both professional and personal growth