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Accreditation exemplifies the pinnacle of achievement. CMMA offers professional accreditation to qualified communications media managers who have been active members of the association for two or more years. Accredited members earn the right and privilege to use the letters AMM, signifying Accredited Media Manager, after their name.  It is a highly regarded goal for every CMMA member.

Benefits of CMMA Accreditation

  • Build professional credentials that enhance your credibility in the marketplace as a highly respected communications media manager
  • Demonstrate to leaders in your organization that your expertise is recognized by the premier professional association for communications media managers
  • Create public relations opportunities for your organization and community to highlight your professional achievements
  • Gain personal satisfaction for achieving a significant milestone in your career while earning recognition from professional peers.

Application Process

Please contact the CMMA office at executive.director@cmma.org to request an accreditation application.  Applicants for accreditation undergo a rigorous screening and testing process.  Applicants must demonstrate experience and expertise in:

  • Communications
  • Business Strategy and Planning
  • Media Planning and Project Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Finance
  • Business Presentations
  • Measuring Value
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction
  • Forming Internal and External Strategic Alliances
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Asset Management

In addition to communications media management experience, applicants can earn points towards accreditation by publishing articles and books related to communications media, teaching seminars and college courses and accepting leadership roles within their local community.

After completing the accreditation application process and submitting required material evidence, applicants undergo an oral examination before the CMMA Board of Directors to demonstrate and validate their level of knowledge and experience in the field of media management.


Each year, newly accredited members are honored for their achievement at the CMMA National Conference.  In addition, CMMA offers press release services for newly accredited members to promote their achievement within their own organization and in local publications.  A package of information about the significance of accreditation and the member’s achievement will be sent to the member’s supervisor upon request.

Maintaining Accreditation

Active and Associate Members who have been awarded accreditation must show evidence of continued professional training, education and/or demonstrations of their media leadership.  To maintain CMMA accreditation, members must accumulate a minimum of five points biannually.  Points are awarded for attending or teaching training courses or seminars, attending professional conferences, serving in a leadership role in CMMA or other professional organizations, and other professional growth activities.

Click here to submit your CLE (Continued Leadership Education) Hours.

“Accreditation is something I am extremely proud of because I share it with a very accomplished group of talented, skilled professionals.”

-Tom Bise, AMM, Colonial Life & Accident Insurance


“In my organization, professional accreditation infers a high level of acceptance and legitimacy.  My knowledge, expertise and professional stature are respected and acknowledged in part because of my CMMA accreditation.”

-Marv Mitchell, AMM, Mayo Clinic


“I expect my AMM credentials to open doors for me professionally as my accomplishments are recognized both inside and outside of the communications industry.”

-Kelly Kotwas, AMM, World Bank